Sunday, March 6, 2011


I finished up some funky mosaics today including this cute/strange little watering can.

Strange because some oddball things made their way into it. Like this cow.

And Jesus.

And a cat.

And a buffalo. No particular artistic meaning to any of it except I liked the way it came together.

Next up, a mosaic mirror complete with nude woman salt and pepper shakers. I see these in antique malls sometimes and I think they're fun.

Cool glass bulb that really came to life when I sprayed the piece with clear gloss.

Once again, no particular artistic meaning, just left-of-the-dial like me.


Anonymous said...

Love it...I think you can make anything look great with your mosaic talent. Always a pleasure...Tiff at
The Cranky Queen

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said... are just the bomb...the way you put the bits and pieces together just fascinates me. I've done a few mosaics back in the day, but your twist on things makes it so personal...LOVE IT twisted sista...!