Sunday, March 27, 2011


Just glued this 2-D wood form cupcake. Sweet.
I don't do much glitter, but maybe just a touch will be fitting.
Thanks to Jeannie LaBelle over at The Gilded JunqueYard for nominating me for a Liebster Blog Award. This award is designed to turn people on to great blogs that don't have thousands of followers. As a recipient, I can name a few of MY faves:

First up, Andrea and Bryan Ring of Amuck. Andrea and Bryan were participants in last year's Etsy's Ring a Day Challenge and designers of fabulous jewelry found in their Etsy shop here. One of my all time favorite necklaces is by Amuck -

Next, Hollyhock Garden Antiques. Jamie Johnson collects outhouses and has a pink kitchen. What more is there? Great pictures of concrete urns and lush gardens make this one of my sites of inspiration.

Don't miss Brandon Woline of House Things. Brandon shares a space at Sister's with my bestest blog buddy, Sharon over at Sweet Repose. Brandon's great eye for styling and design make me swoon and I love/share his passion for all that is creme and gray -

The next time you're in Kalona, Iowa, stop in at Sister's Garden and Bloom. Barb carries a great mix of new found treasures and well loved antiques. I had the pleasure of visiting Sister's back in November of 2009 and I still dream about it. Also, thanks Barb for carrying my mosaics at your shop. I just received a really nice letter from one of your customers -

And take an international trip to Maison de Lin. This great French blog features inspiring photos of rolling hills, castles, and gardens that will make you wish you parlez vous Francais -

Take a trip to these blogs, leave some comments, and enjoy the journey. For those who made my list, feel free to pass it on for blogs with less than 300 followers.

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Anonymous said...

Kelly, Thanx for sharing some of your fav blogs...I visited them and now are actually followers of a few. Congrats on your award! Tiff