Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Spooky, Scary Halloween!!!!

Although Halloween isn't for awhile, I am in the spooky holiday spirit! I'll be dropping some goodies off at Stuff tomorrow and these are some of the mosaics I've put together for the season. This is my favorite piece, a cork board grouted in black. Black grout is pretty drastic and messy when you're used to grouting in antique white, but I got just the look I wanted for this funky board.

The ghost is made of polymer clay . . .

I found this shoe polish bottle at an antique shop in Greenwood, MO. It looks so very Halloweeny.

Just gotta have the black cat . . .

I enjoy finishing off the back of the board to create a more finished piece of art . . .

I put together a couple of chalk boards for the collection, too. These are magnetized for the fridge. Spoooooky!!!

The pirate chalk holder came from a fabulous flea market called Old School in Welda, Kansas. I'll be posting pics from that trip sometime soon.

The spent camera flash bulb came from a friend's yard sale. Funky, yet very at home in this chalkboard.

And of course the back is finished off!

The next chalk board is in traditional Halloween colors and contains some polymer clay pumpkins. (SOLD)

And another chalk holder I found at the Old School flea. If you head down to Welda, I'm sure you will not be disappointed!!!

These brooches and magnets were really fun to make. Who wouldn't want to give her best friend a brooch that says "WITCH" complete with a very tiny black hat.

This was the first thing I made this season. A Halloween plaque that says "SPOOKY, SCARY HALLOWEEN". No spooky Halloween plaque would be complete without an antique tintype of a less than excited family. I think it's so haunting that no one smiled in pictures back then.

I've had this interestingly shaped black shoe polish bottle for a long time now. I had to wait until I found just the right place for it. This picture frame is just the place. (SOLD)

And I've said it before, but I love tiny tins and wooden spools . . .

And finally, some mirrors. Once again, someone wanting to give her friend a laugh will purchase this "WITCH" mirror! I got the witch salt and pepper shakers on Ebay. (SOLD)

These green letters are from an old game called Anagram.

And I tried my hand at one more piece grouted in black. This one says "DOUBLE DOUBLE TOIL AND TROUBLE" and you'll recognize the other witch salt and pepper shaker in this one.

Happy Halloween!!!!

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Deon said...

Love your new Halloween work!?!
ATTN PPL: Stuff will have their Halloween art out soon but if you want to see Kelly Aarons sooner - stop by 316 W 63rd street and sign up for the mailing list. You will be allowed an advanced viewing in the basement!?!

Am I allowed to say I am the 'friend' ;P
It may sound hokey, but I really felt kinda proud to know that a part of me will live on through your work [and I LOVE your work]