Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Old School Flea Market Heaven

I've been writing about how much I loved the Old School Flea Market in Welda, Kansas. My friend and mosaic celebrity, Dee Dee Walters, turned me on to this place and to say that my friend Erin and I had a blast on our adventure would be putting it mildly.
Slight panic set in when we drove up and a sign on the door read that they were closed for the morning, but the owners drove up moments later. Whew.

Old School Flea gets its name for obvious reasons; here is a picture of the "gym" floor.

And the basket ball goal that still stands . . .

But the best part of Old School Flea were the rooms and rooms of junk. They seemed to go on forever.

I say the best part was the junk, but the owners, who have been there for 14 years, were great.

Being an avid thrift store shopper, I'm accustomed to surly staff who aren't the least bit happy to see you (Second Hand Thrift on Wornall and The Salvation Army store on Johnson Drive are the worst!), but that wasn't the case with the owners of the Old School Flea!

If you love junkin' and are in the mood for a great day trip, Old School Flea is a treat!

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Sundi D. Hayes said...

Good Lord! The only thing you could have done to entice us more is tell us how many great boxes of "treasures" you got for say $10! :)