Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beyond Broken Mosaics

I've mentioned many times how much I love the work of Dee Dee Walters of Beyond Broken Mosaics. I took a class from Dee Dee in June of 2006 and that's where my obsession with mosaics began. I haven't looked back since. Yesterday, I went to the arts and crafts festival in Old Overland Park to see Dee Dee and as usual, her wonderful works did not disappoint. Check out the terrific magnets.

I loved this tiny birdhouse with blue rulers used as a roof.

My faves -- mosaic switch plates.

Another shot of the birdhouses. I love her use of state plates in the one on the right.

Dee Dee and I -- it was so hot outside!!!

She makes awesome belt buckles . . .

This was a really cool piece done by Dee Dee's friend Craig Adams. What an artisitic duo!

I love what she does with old jewelry, buttons, and beads -- sans grout.

So make a trip to the Mission Road Antique Mall, second floor where Dee Dee has a booth. She'll also be at the Handcrafters Craft and Art Fair at the Lenexa Community Center on October 24 and 25.

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