Saturday, September 6, 2008

Custom Made from the Heart

I just love doing custom work. Our friends, Kelly Sue and Matt, have a baby boy, Henry Leo, who just celebrated his first birthday. I had so much fun making this frame.

The old, red car came from an antique store south of Garnette, Kansas. I think it was called Miss Molly's Cottage. The wooden dog came from Sparks flea market. Even though I thought the spring show was better than the one this fall, I still found some treasures.

The train came from Old School flea, the place I keep telling you time and again to visit because you will not be disappointed!! Just as a refresher, it's in Welda, Kansas, just south of Garnett and about an hour and half south of Kansas City. You will see me reference many treasures from that place.

I had a hard time getting a clear picture of this bottle, but it says, "Debonair After Shave Lotion", a must have for a picture frame for a hip little one-year-old gentleman.

My friend Kara commissioned me to make some chalk boards. This one reflects her love of cooking.

Look closely and you'll see some tiny porcelain chef beads compliments of SmudgieBear on Etsy. If you haven't visited Etsy, you are really missing out! It is a great site for all things handmade and includes great supplies like these fabulous, hard-to-find beads. I had to include the old spoon across the top of this board because it obviously reminds me of cooking, but like I said, my friend Kara commissioned me to do this frame and the stem of this spoon just happens to contain a letter "k". (The pepper shaker came from Old School Flea!)

Kara also asked me to make a chalk board for her friend who is a pastry chef. I used some of those chef beads here, too. The funky brooch and chalk holder are from Old School Flea. I painted the "FLOUR" myself. I wish I had hand writing like Jane Hosey Stern, a local artist who also sells her fabulous things at Stuff in Brookside, but alas, I had to make do.

I fashioned the cupcake out of polymer clay. Can you tell by now that I really love polymer clay. Don't misunderstand me; I can make simple shapes and that's about it, but boy, do I have fun.

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Kelly Sue said...

We looooove the frame, Kelly! Thank you so much.