Monday, September 15, 2008

I Love Halloween!!

Well, it's that time of year again when fall is upon us and Halloween is right around the corner. I love to decorate for Halloween and Dash and I made a trip to the Curious Sofa this last weekend to pick up a few spooking things. Check out this big, mean rat.

A long line of these creepy spiders were displayed crawling their way across a bed at the store. And I couldn't pass up the skull votive cup.

The cherry on the cake of my Halloween decor is this amazing doll of Anton Lavey, custom made by local Kansas City Artist Taylor Triano. She does incredible things with textiles and on top of that she's just an all-around groovy little chick.

I picked up this ghost named Schmoo from an artist at the Sparks Flea Market. She had some great things and I'll be sure to get her name in the spring and pass it along. I love the random way the bells and chains hang from his neck.

Last year, I cut several spooky shapes out of sheet metal and riveted them to a copper stem. This spider is right at home in his flower pot.

And the pumpkin and ghost like mixing in with the landscaping.

No garden is complete without a skull!

I made these ghosties years ago and they make a nice accessory for the mailbox.

And while I was at the Curious Sofa, I picked up this silver lighter for my collection. It's really hard for me to resist buying up everything I see in that place.

Another one of my favorite Sparks finds this year was this Big Ben clock. So cool!

And while I was walking around the house snapping photos, I snapped this one of yet another Curious Sofa find. I've noticed more work in the store lately done by artists, and this paper collage piece is one of those.

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