Thursday, March 19, 2009

What a Day for a Parade

Last Saturday, Jason, Dash and I went to the Brookside parade. What a great day with highs in the 60's and lots of sun. Brookside is a terrific neighborhood and the parade is wonderful. Very family oriented and sans a bunch of drunk idiots.

This parade draws quite a crowd. Lots of kids and dogs with hair painted green.

I love guys in drag.

I think the Lucky Charms float was my favorite.

These guys were fun playing guitars and rocking out on their float. They were having a great time.

The old cars were terrific. After the parade, we went to Govenor Stumpy's at 71st and Oak to eat. All the old cars and corvettes from the parade were there but the best part were the two bagpipers that walked into the restaraunt and started playing. It was a great day for a parade and with a maiden name like Dulohery, I didn't even have to be wearing green to get into the spirit of it all.

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