Friday, March 6, 2009

Thrift Store Goodness

I hit a couple of thrift stores on Wornall on my lunch hour and witnessed the coolest thing at DAV. I was in line and there was this older gentleman near the register trying on these shoes. This man LOVED these shoes. He went on about how they were so comfortable. He said he couldn't even take them off; he was going to wear them out of the store. I told him that those shoes had some awesome soles and that he looked quite dapper in them. You could guess that this man may not have much. Meanwhile, this man in front of me was checking out. When he went to pay, he told the cashier very quietly that he'd like to buy the filing cabinet he had brought to the register and the shoes for the older gentleman. He paid quickly without looking around and jetted on out of the store and was gone. The older gentleman got in line behind me and I was there to see the cashier tell him that the man in front of me had paid for his shoes. This man was so happy, excited, and grateful and said he felt truly blessed. That just made my day.

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Anonymous said...

What a great story... and what an awesome example... how fun would that be to do something so nice for someone...without looking for a thank you...
Thanks for sharing. :) Deena