Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Finished Product

Claudia and Amber came over yesterday to grout their pieces. Look back a few posts to see the mosaic partay beginnings last weekend.

Claudia did a frame for her husband and included all kinds of references. He's going to love it.

He likes to bird watch, so Claudia included this cardinal.

She used these old Anagram letters I love and the angel is cute.

The red roses were popped off of a vase.

Amber's zen-like box is for her mom. It was very gutsy for her to choose a box her first time out. They have lots of surface area, are tricky to grout, and take hours of finishing when you paper the bottom, back, and paint the inside like Amber did.

Amber's mom gave her the frog she put on the top of the box. It will be fun for it to come back to her like this.

I had this cameo for a long time and it looks perfect in this box. Especially the way Amber applied the antiquing glaze.

I had so much fun getting together with friends to create art that I'm already plotting my next mosaic partay. One of my friends, Dawn, is a collage artist and I think she would really enjoy doing her own mosaic. Dawn, are you up for it?!

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