Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Heart Punk Rock Boys

I've finally had time to work on some mosaics.

I featured pics of this box on the previous post, but here are some close-ups of the final product. I found the "I heart punk rock boys" pin at the Arizona Trading Company on Westport Road in KC - a very cool store.

I found some of the fun buttons at a flea market in Paola, KS on a recent shopping trip with Dawn.

And some came from the Jessie James Antique Mall. Like I said in the last post, I was going for smoking jacket cool here and I think Marilyn and the black and white color scheme got me what I wanted. Lori - I can't wait to hear what Ben thinks of his box!!!

I haven't done a cupcake in awhile. I've probably done a total of five or six and although they're big sellers at Stuff, they're time consuming and expensive to make because I haven't yet perfected a way to do the base. This one is cherry chocolate.

I finished a couple of single switch plates and the other one didn't photograph well, so I'll include that on another post. For now, here's the one with the domino. I don't have anything else started right now, but next on my list are a couple of chalkboards and a picture frame with a super cute clown figurine I got at Urban Mining a few weeks ago. Stay tuned!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Those cupcakes are very time consuming.


andrea said...

Oh Man, that cupcake is cool!!