Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shameless Bragging

I blogged a few posts back about this custom frame I made for the fabulous RM Guera co-creator with my husband, Jason Aaron, on Scalped.

I loved the thought that the frame was custom made and traveling all the way to Spain for Guera. How giddy was I to see this email he sent to Jason?

I'm speachless man, goodies, just came, I just dunno what to say...
Thank you & ESPECIALY thanks to Kelly (I got tired of "your wife" phrase)
I was caught TOTALLY off guard with "DAD"...speachless man, really. When I meet her,
I'll kiss her & you can go jump in the lake...
(...) ...just phew...(...)


How much do I LOVE doing custom work?

1 comment:

RM Guéra said...

receiving the "DAD" mosaic was 150%surprise (50% extra for overjoy). I just dont know what to say.
Your talent is rare & far out of average standards. Simply SO enjoyabe to see, so nice to present sensibility finding it's way out.
Keep building it(!), please do.
And: thank you, merci, gracias hvala...

Hug (big)