Monday, September 6, 2010


I've been swamped with my new booth at the Mission Road Antique Mall. Please check my other blog, Eccentricities, for pics of all that's going on there. I did manage to knock out a few Halloween mosaics today, including this frame.

I love the doll head. Creepy.

And these round brass tags are cool.

Funky bottle.
And another using some great letters I found on Etsy awhile ago.

These small magnets are fun to do.

I make the ghosts and pumpkins from polymer clay.

I'm also getting ready to send a few things to Frank in Los Gatos, California.

I did this birdhouse a long time ago and just needed to reattach the bird at the top. This was one in a series of four I did that were "bird buildings". This is "Blackbird Bachelor Loft, Chicks Welcome".

I included some race cars and Boulevard Beer bottle tops.

And I want to give a special shout out to my friend Becky in Wisconsin. I met Becky on Etsy a couple of years ago and she has family in Kansas City. Every time her brother drives back to KC, Becky loads him down with boxes of treasures for me from a local thrift store where she works, including these great beads that I used today.

And countless really cool cups, dishes, figurines, and sparklies. Thanks for thinking of me, Becky!!!

And I took a few pics in Brookside today while dropping off my mosaics. The Reading Reptile has the greatest window displays!

And we're big fans of Brookside Toy and Science where they have tons of unusual stuff.

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