Monday, September 13, 2010

I Heart Norman Bates

I'll be delivering these Halloween plaques to Stuff tomorrow if I can squeeze in the trip.

I got the antique ID badge from Leah at Dreamworld. And the words "Quote the Raven Nevermore" always remind me of Halloween, doesn't all Poe?

I've had these ceramic frozen Charlotte dolls for awhile. The seller I bought them from on Etsy had put a bunch of them in a bag and didn't individually wrap them, so some broke apart. I think they really work here!!

I caught Psycho on TV recently and love it every time I watch.

And finally, a small round "Horror Show".

I love Halloween!

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Tiffany Steers said...

OMG! love all of your is so creative. Wow, they all look like little bits of history. Wish they could talk. Tiff