Monday, August 11, 2008

Mosaics in Action

Our friends Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction purchased one of my birdhouses for a friend of theirs in San Diego. Here is a link to see it on Flickr:

Kelly Sue told me that their friends have a wonderful garden and it looks from the picture that "Feathers Foundry" won't be vacant for long!

Yes, I am still hot link challenged and trying to piece together this blog (notice the bright green still endures), but here is the link to Kelly Sue's blog. You can also check her out in my faves. Thanks again, Kelly Sue and Matt for your support of my stuff!!!!

Jason and the boys are coming home tonight after being in Alabama since last Tuesday. I was feeling meloncholy over the weekend and missing them terribly, but I wasn't too depressed to do mosaics! More posts of what I've been working on are coming soon. Oh, and just a tip, if you're feeling down and lonely, I don't recommend watching Kramer vs. Kramer even if it did sweep just about every major category of the 1979 Oscars.

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Susan Bock said...

Hi Kelly - I am Susan Bock Tyson, the wife of the couple Kelly Sue and Matt bought your "Feathers Foundry" for. We love it! thanks so much for designing and making such beautiful pieces.
In reading your blog, I saw that you went to the SHRM conference - does that mean you are in HR? I am, too! I am a total rewards consultant in Southern California. I always think it is amazing how when people "meet" they can have so much in common!