Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun with Switch Plates

Mosaic-ing switch plates is a blast! Depending upon who you ask, I suppose. And if you ask me, I could do it all day long. Switch plates provide a fun splash of art in a place people don't really expect. And just like mosaic-ing on other types of surfaces, I love to incorporate interesting elements to make them unique and surprising.

You'd be amazed at just how quickly your family stops complaining about the difficulty in flipping the switch; they don't even notice the big crocodile anymore.

Do you ever see an old brooch and think -- who WORE that gaudy thing? "The bigger, the better" is my motto when it comes to the brooches I put in my switch plates. (SOLD)

See, I'm not kidding. (SOLD)

This little cherub is right at home on the corner of this switch plate. (SOLD)

I may have had a set of these disco ball earrings in the 80's. Who could have ever predicted that I'd be "wearing" them again on a switch plate? (SOLD)

Switch plates can add a touch of whimsy in a child's room. I got the little ceramic doll at Sparks flea market. Erin and I have already requested our day off for the Fall show!!! (SOLD)

And for the grand finale of this post, I'd like to show you a couple of pretty recent finds. These handsome bookend-gents came from the Second Hand thrift store on 63rd and Troost. I simply could not resist. I won't even tell you where the chalk Kewpie came from because at this point, it's becoming quite clear that my favorite store is The Curious Sofa (oops).

Okay, since the cat is already out of the bag, I got this great letter "A" there awhile ago, too, and I think it looks fantastic with this photo I found on Etsy (if I may say so myself).

I'm getting ready to head down to the Ozarks to attend the Society for Human Resource Management Missouri conference. This might not sound too exciting to the average person, but I am REALLY looking forward to hanging out with my Helzberg Diamonds girls. Believe it or not, they make even the most mundane topics like employment law fun!

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