Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Latest Batch of Mosaics

Here are some examples of the mosaics I worked on while my boys were out of town.

I'm constantly searching for new and different things to experiment with and this tea light holder is the latest and most unusual. I got the earring at a little place called Wedgwood Antiques in the Ozarks. When I told the owner about my mosaics, she gave me the most wonderful chipped plates -- perfect condition for me.

I've accumulated lots of cool yellow dishes, buttons, and beads over the last couple of years.

I love to do cork boards because they're functional and artistic. We have one in our kitchen with a chicken. Jason doesn't really express his appreciation aloud, but I know he secretly loves it!

My friend, Lisa, was with me when I found this rusty grapefruit can in an antique mall and she looked at me kind of strangely when I picked it up. I knew it would go into a cork board.

I love this old, antique hardware. I got this piece in a lot on Ebay.
Yeah! Wooden spools! It's amazing what turns you on in your late 30's.

Old, wooden clothespins are pretty cool, too.

Here are Kelly and Jason circa 1990. I have nearly plucked my eyebrows into nothingness. This is better than the alternative several years before when they looked like Jason's.

And no, my weekend of mosaics would not have been complete without my usual obsession with switch plates. Purchase this one and be the first one on your block to have a soup spoon on a switch plate . . .
Or a very respectable Victorian gentlewoman . . . (SOLD)

Or a butter pat . . . (SOLD)
Or a flamingo . . . (SOLD)
Or a tiny shoe polish tin . . . (SOLD)

Or a blue brooch shaped like a bow . . .

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