Monday, July 29, 2013


This custom switch plate is for a princess.  The vintage sparklies across the top are meant to mimic a tiara, very fitting for this princess!!



Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

I love it.

I have used a few vintage pieces of jewel in my mosaics, but it still makes me cringe to do so.

I always wonder if I'm damaging a priceless I would have that kind of luck to find something worth a lot of money in my stash.

Eccentricities said...

Ramona, it is so funny that you say that! I was chopping up a vase this morning thinking, what if this is from the Ming Dynasty and is worth millions? Ha!

robin dudley-howes said...

HI Kelly, I love your style of mosaics. I just started doing mosaics myself and wondered how you are able to imbed the jewelry and pearls using the grout without damaging them? I have tons of old jewelry and would like to experiment with it. Thanks

Eccentricities said...

Hi, Robin. Wow, I wish I knew! I just did a Christmas tree for a customer and had to do the entire thing over because of the way the vintage brooch on the top turned out - horrible. It was too flat and just got lost in the grout. Sometimes, the gold-toned finish gets rubbed off. Sometimes, the rhinestones fall out. It's a crap shoot and you just have to experiment. I got lucky with the switch plate in this picture, but I certainly don't always get the result I'm going for. Happy creating!!