Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ronald McDonald House Redo

I was recently asked to be the design lead on the redo of a couple of rooms in the Ronald McDonald House here in KC.  The themes I chose were camp - Moonrise Kingdom style, and "under the big top".  Here's the camp room!

I love this old oil painting.  Perfect for the room.

This dresser came from River Market Antique Mall in Kansas City.  What a home run!  Vintage for sure, but very, very clean.

 There were no drawer pulls on it when I bought it - there are places to pull the drawer out under each one.  But I thought these twig and leaf pulls were just the right touch for the room.

Owl from Greenwood, Missouri.

Cool old camp photo.

My buddy, Val, gave me a box of goodies a couple weeks back and this little fox was in perfect condition and was right at home in the room.  Val, know that your fox went to a very good cause!!

I cut these canoes out with my beloved jigsaw and had a great time painting them!

Really fun green accent wall.

I cut out and painted the campfire.

Letter from home.  This was my friend, Karen's idea.  She spotted the mailbox on a recent shopping trip and thought of the sign I made to put above it.  Cute!!

I had very little time to do any mosaics for the room, but I did finish this cute little pine tree.


 I found this awesome shower curtain on the Cafe Press website.

You can see part of it here with the rug for the room.  What a find!

Next, under the big top.  It was harder to find vintage circus than camp stuff, but I did find some great finds at the River Market Antique Mall.  I also painted a few pieces for this one.  Here's the awesome shower curtain.  Once again, found on Cafe Press.  This kind of set the mood for the room!

This is one of the big top pieces I cut and painted.

Fabulous circus prints.

I painted the peanuts and the elephant

Here's the other circus tent painted by someone else who was helping out with the room redesigns.

Runner from Target.

Carousel is from River Market Antique Mall.  I love, love, love the suitcase shelves!!

Antique vintage circus lithograph.

Another cool print.

Old metal garden-like piece from River Market Antique Mall

I found the horse in the River Market Antique Mall.  It was a great idea to mount it on the lamp!  It looks very carousel this way

This is the main living space in the suite.  The rug is from target.  I bought several rugs for this space and they all came together really well.  Whoever does their buying is brilliant!  The pillows really warm everything up.

I learned a lot doing this job.  Most of all, that I really enjoy doing this type of design work!


Val Reaves said...

Wow! What a great job you did! I'm so glad you found the perfect home for the fox...
Job Well Done!
Val :-)

Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

Fantastic job by all. I love, love, love several of the things you painted and picked up. Of course, horsey stuff is always my favorite.

GREAT job again, and anyone staying there is going to love the rooms.

Dawn Mackey said...

I love it all! You are genius with a brilliant eye.