Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mosaic Ingredients - The Possibilites are Limitless!!

Sometimes an old key, vintage tin, or bottle adds just the right whimsical touch to a mosaic.

This old ink bottle has a great green paper label.

This bouillon cube tin sure beats the plain jars they come in these days.  Why include this?  Maybe it fits the color scheme of a mosaic, or maybe the person I'm making the mosaic for really loves to cook.  These little touches add a lot of fun to a piece.

I got these faux turquoise leaves at a bead show last week and I am loving the bright colors.

Another cool vintage tin in green!

This Mentholatum tin is a great teal blue.  Sometimes, I have a client who wants something kind of funny in the mosaic.  Why a Mentholatum tin?  Why not?!

This is an old sinker tin with green wording.  This would go great in a mosaic for someone who likes to fish.

And I use a lot of keys and old hardware in my work.  The ornate tin piece used to be part of a dresser pull from furniture that probably came out of the Victorian era.

With so many possibilities, it's impossible to get bored with mosaics!


The Japanese Redneck said...

I've only been doing mosaics for a short time and mine have all tended to be flat.

I like that you add a lot of these kind of elements to give yours more depth.

I love the things you found, especially the leaves and antique metal piece. The sinker tin and boullion jar are super cool too.

I'm off tommorrow and Monday, so I plan on hitting garage sales and junk stores! Wish me happy hunting.

Eccentricities said...

Good luck with your treasure hunting! You can put just about anything into a mosaic!