Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Poetic Goodness

Sharon, Brandon, and I are having fun with poets. Sharon has her wonderful soaps and candles inspired by them, Brandon came back from market with some fabulous goodies, and I've been putting together a few frames. Anais Nin was a French born writer famous for her journals, starting when she was eleven, but she is most widely known for her erotica. Truly a woman before her time.

"Dreams are Necessary to Life". You bet they are.

There was something Frenchy and fun about this ballerina.

And I love incorporating perfume bottles still filled with liquid. So interesting.

The next frame plays on Sharon's inspiration, too, this one of George Sand. Sand was another French novelist, liberal in her views. She was known to wear men's clothes because they were sturdier and more comfortable and she had affairs for which she was unashamed. You go girl.

I am digging the funky metal wheat thing-a-ma-bobber. It was just right for this piece, completely non conforming to the conservative shape of the frame, just like George.

The entire quote is, "There is no greater pleasure than to love and be loved", but that was a mouthful for a frame, so the shortened version says it all.

Next, I just can't forget the one, the only, Edgar Allan Poe. I already have that one started. Not sure if Sharon will get into the action - what WOULD that scent smell like?!

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Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said...

Something dark and dreary and midnight weary...I'm heading to my laBORatory as we speak...Barb said the soaps are selling in the new scents and maybe a few candles...let's knock there socks off with the mosaics...FUN!!!