Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Mosaic Heart Love

Mosaic hearts abound and I just hope I can get them to Stuff tomorrow through the crazy snow we got today in Kansas City. Might take a special girl to enjoy this one but her man will know it when he sees it.

Same here.

I love these plastic crystal things I got on Etsy.

This is a large heart, about 13" long and 7" across.

Antique hardware.

Large, red bottle I had for a long time. It's fun to finally do that one piece where it fits just right.

Big chunk of costume jewelry.

Another small heart.

Still more to glue and then grout and I'll ship them to Frank in California and Sister's Garden and Bloom in Iowa. Don't wait, order your custom heart now in time for Valentine's Day or they're fun to give any old time.

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Tiffany Steers said...

Love the mosaic hearts. How do you go about inquiring about special orders? Prices? Etc? Thanx for sharing. Tiffany Steers