Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Art and Flowers

I got started on that giant cake dome I posted about ealier and in the meantime, finished up some frames and switch plates. I love these red wooden cube gaming letters!

And there is always time for switch plates! The orange and turquoise color combo is one of my faves.

I got the silver brooch at Bon Bon a few weeks back.

And I gathered some Mother's Day bouquets from around the garden. I just love peonies and didn't expect them to continue blooming after they were cut but POW! They almost look as if they were made of paper.

We have enjoyed such a lovely Spring here in Kansas City. When my brother and his family move back next month, life will be nearly perfect!

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Chickens in the Basement said...

Love the frame! How fun is that. And the brooch extending the corner of the switch plate seems to scream PARTY! I had a few peonies this year but would like about a hundred more!