Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Death of a Disco Dancer

Ahhhhhh . . . I spent some time with my dear Morrissey this Tuesday night. I only bawled like a baby through the first two songs, unlike when I saw him in 2007 and didn't really get a grip until about song number five. My friend Katie was kind and only made fun of me a little. (The guy on the other side of her had higher pitched screams than I). He did mainly new stuff, a few older songs peppered in like Ask Me, This Charming Man and of course, How Soon is Now. My very favorite song he sung to me was The Death of a Disco Dancer. This is just the most awesome song and to have him do it was a treat that I savored and I may have squeezed out a tear or two during that one, also. We saw him at the Midland which was is fabulous. We parked across the street for $2, walked right in about an hour before the show started, bought shirts and had a beer or two while enjoying the gorgeous architecture. Brendan and his friend had a blast. The staff of the Midland were great and let me know, hey, your boy was up here walking around. That's the beauty of having a child with giant hair; it's hard for him to hide. I hope Morrissey keeps up his two year appearance streak in KC. If not, I'll just have to make arrangements to go to him, I suppose. Am I over the top about my affection for him? You bet, and happy about it!!!! (Photo found here)

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