Thursday, February 26, 2009

Way Cool Art

I was watching one of my shows, That's Clever, on HGTV. They featured an artist who did encaustic paintings. I had never heard of that medium before, but it involves mixing melted resin from tree sap and bees wax to coat an image.

When I did a search for encaustic on Etsy, I found Ingrid Blixt

This is her piece and it's a little square about 2" x 2". I thought the picture of the piece online was cool, but it doesn't even compare to how it looks in person. The depth the wax adds to the image and the way Ingrid has subtly carved into it is amazing. Ingrid features vignettes of these pieces in some of her Etsy pics and I must have more!

Since I haven't managed to do any mosaics lately, I thought I'd take pics of some of my home decor. This heavy chunk of wood came from the Mission Road Antique Mall years ago. I wonder what it was. I love it.

This is Repentent Magdeline. I got the print at the National Museum in DC when I was visiting my fabulous friend Barbara years ago.

This picture and the one below came from Blackwell's Thrift on 63rd and Troost. If you are in KC and haven't yet been, GO.

Another print I got in DC. Not sure what it's called, but I love the Frenchie feel.

Random pic of my fabulous fresh flowers. Today is my fourth wedding anniversary. Seems like four years has gone by fast. Wow, this has really become a random post.

Taylor Triano rocks. She's a local Kansas City Artist, burlesque dancer, and all around cool little chick.

I can't believe what she does with textiles.

I added another clock to my collection. This one came from Sentimental Journey in Olathe. My shopping trip with Dawn last weekend was a blast!!! Yes, we're making our junk trips a monthly event and we're thinking about Independence for our next destination.

And a pic of my fabulous clock from where else? You guessed it, The Curious Sofa.

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