Monday, February 16, 2009

Spoiled Rotten, Part Two

Around my birthday, I did a post about all the cool stuff Jason got me and called that, "Spoiled Rotten." This is a continuation of that theme -- I am so excited about my Valentine's Day present!!!! I didn't understand ipods, truly, until Jason got one and then I started disappearing into the basement with it to do my mosaics in complete isolation. Ahhhhh . . . Then we went to Alabama for the holidays and it was fantastic not to have to pop CD's in and out of the player for 12 hours. I know it hurt Jason to think of having to download all of MY Morrissey, The Cure, Depeche Mode, etc. onto his ipod. He also knew I'd be thrilled not to have all the Springstein; so these things may have played into his choice of Valentine's Day gifts for me, and for that, I am grateful!

Since my event at Stuff, I haven't done anything but custom hearts. I've started some other things, but they aren't yet finished, so in the meantime, I thought I'd post some past faves. The picture frame above, "swim in my ocean," was another I did for the goodie bags for Kahn and Kavi's wedding shower.

This is the first outdoor-worthy birdhouse I did called, "Feathers Foundry." It's full of keys, fuses, wrenches, screw drivers, get it? Anyway, I am super excited to say that this was purchased by Kelly Sue and Matt some time ago for their friend in San Diego, so it's currently hanging in the sun on the west coast.

This is the back. Kind of a surprise to turn it around and see a giant ceramic bird back there. I did this because it is really troubling for me to see how unfinished the backs of some houses are. I wanted to be sure that Feathers Foundry was just as cool from the back as from the front.

I stuck an old, chippy doorknob on the top. You can see a screw up there too, adding to the theme.

This is one of the very first things I did when I learned how to do mosaics in 2006. It was for a little girl, Allison, who is quite the dancer. I made the boot out of polymer clay.

This was a custom frame I did for a woman who really liked her reptile. He's also made of polymer clay.

I did this one for one of Jason's editor's wives. I love that head. It's fun to see the transformation of your style as an artist. If I made this today, it would probably have bigger chunks of china and of course, it would be antiqued to give the grout a darker look in places.

This is the switch plate in Brendan's room and has been for years. He has not requested that I replace it and I'm not going to until he tells me. I just think he's used to it by now.

This is another frame for Kahn and Kavi's shower. It says, It smells like love, and has some perfume bottles stuck in it. It is currently in Kimbo's living room. I'll post more current projects as I finish them. I scored some cool stuff at Urban Mining a couple of weeks ago and am eager to use it. Also, Dawn and I are going junking next Saturday in Olathe and possibly beyond. Yeah!!!!!

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T2 said...


Susan and I were the lucky recipients of "Feathers Foundry". It hangs in our back yard, near our bird feeders and fountain, all of which is visited daily by the birdies.

I've filled the bottom portion of it with shreaded cotton, strands of soft bark and other nesting materials. Though there aren't any permanent residents yet, I have spied birds taking the materials from the Foundry to their own nests.

We love it and admire it each time we look at it. Great work and thanks for sharing your creativity with us all.

Terry Tyson
San Clemente, CA