Saturday, August 23, 2014


I haven't had time to post lately, but I've been making some of my favorites, like this snowman.  I've had lots of work done on the house lately, and one of my contractors asked if I'd make a snowman for his wife in exchange for painting some crown molding.  I was so flattered and the answer was, of course!!  He's a biggie, about 20" tall.

I made a couple of angels for a store in Connecticut.

LOVE with rusty white flowers and leaves.

A large daisy, about 22" tall.

I have a customer in NC who orders switch plates in bulk.  Here are just a few I sent that way!  Love the dangle earring on this one!!



Cherry bomb boot that went to Nashville.

This one reminds me of my blog buddy, Ramona!!  I've had this horse forever and it finally found its place in this blue and white boot!!

Welcome to my kitchen with a rooster figurine.  I love to make the hearts.

Princess with a little frozen Charlotte doll.

A tall flamingo for Mamacita.

A custom nature inspired K.

I made the leaves out of polymer clay.

A fleur de lis, Mardi Gras style!!

I need to get some prototype trees on my wholesale ordering site and the triangles are fun and festive.

Pumpkin squash!  Bring on Autumn!

I love, love, love these Victorian drawer pull pieces.  I set this one into the bottom of the pumpkin.  Very Fall-like!!

I'm currently working on an Autumn leaf in reds, yellow and orange.  I have an American flag cut out and just about ready to glue and so many more fun projects.  Thanks for stopping by, friends!!


Val Reaves said...

Just Wonderful!!

The JR said...

I love that horse in that boot! Oh yea, you know I'm horse crazy.

I figured you were swamped.

My hubby works out trades with the neighbors all the time for his work. He fixed their 18 wheeler and their one of their tractors last weekend. They are going to cut our hay, do dozer work and other stuff for us.

Love everything. Looks fantastic.

p.s., I've decided to do a flea market in Oct. Am I crazy or what.

Laurie McCollum said...

Kelly, your work is wonderful! So whimsical and fun! I wish I could work along at your side, or looking over your shoulder, listening in while you talk work and talk it through.

Where do you find all your "found" materials?