Monday, February 25, 2013

Zaarly Bazaar

I joined up with Zaarly, a really cool community site, back in November.  You can see my profile HERE.  Yesterday, I attended my second Zaarly Bazaar, an event where they bring together a bunch of Zaarly vendors and some really cool customers and everybody just talks about what they do and has a good time.  Here's a pic of my table.

I brought Cindy's mosaic letter "D" as a sample.

I did a couple of three leaf shamrocks.

This watering can was the first thing to sell.

Somebody took home the little pink teapot, too.

The stag head is going to the Phoenix Gallery on Thursday provided I can get through the snow!

Same with the red daisy.

I had met Devon a couple of times before.  She's friends with Shelby, my awesome customer who buys mosaic animals for all of her friend's children's nurseries.  Devon makes delicious baked goods and candies.  Her storefront can be found HERE.   

 It's a small world.  Elysia is friends with my customers, Stephen and Kristina, who ordered from me over the holidays.  Elysia crochets all kinds of cool stuff with soft textures and beautiful colors.  Her storefront can be found HERE.

I love that the cornerstone of Zaarly is supporting local businesses.  It's a great community with great employees and I'm excited to be a part of it!!

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Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

This is a great event and idea!

Love all your mosaics.

Congrats on the sales.