Thursday, May 3, 2012

Austin Country Living Show

I'm back from the Austin Country Living show.  It was a huge learning experience and I met many amazing people!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth - I was blown away by the compliments and look forward to getting back into the studio next week to make more good stuff.  I sold out of buttah dishes and have only one tea pot left, so I need to rebuild inventory and set my sights on the next show!  Here are a few pics of my booth space.

This is Deborah (above).  She bought the switch plate for her laundry room and I had to take a picture of her fabulousness - just look at that ring!!  And below are some fabulous customers from Denver who bought "SALT LICK".  In fact, I'm making another so they both can have one in their bathrooms.

Too funny!!!  Scott cashiered for me and would only pull it out when we had a customer he knew would not be offended!


The Cranky Queen said...

I wish you would come to the Georgia Country Living Mkt. That is the one I attend since I am in AL! Glad you had a good show. Tiffany

Love your stuff!

Anonymous said...

Your booth looks amazing! I wish I could've gone and visitied you there. I bet it was fun!

jeanne@juNxtaposition said...

hey hey girl...i was next to you in austin ! i see you got in to ohio !! whoo hoo !!! congrats !! this will be my 4th year !! see you there..(cant beleive you put that salt lick pic on your blog,,,lol...she came in my booth and showed me what she bought from you...i died !! and i took a pic on my phone and i show everyone..that is SOOOO funny !!)
anyway..if you want any tips for ohio, just ask away...