Friday, October 7, 2011

Northland Art League

I was contacted months ago by Joy Loesch of the Northland Art League asking me if I would speak about and demonstrate my mosaic art to their group. Fast forward and that's where I was tonight.

This was a really cool group made up of people of all ages, including a young spray paint artist named Robbie whose work can be found HERE. I got lots of great questions from the crowd and one member took a particularly strong interest. I sent her home with some grout and suggestions about where she could go to find dishes she could break!

I did a grouting demo on a cupcake similar to this one and member, Sandra, won a drawing I held for it. Sandra brought some of her beautiful stained glass pieces to the meeting and it was fun to talk with her about how she put them together.

Thanks to President Wanda Green for having me. You are doing some really great things to promote art in your community and to support local artists!

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