Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Heart Belongs to Spain

Jason and I are in Aviles, Spain and will be heading to Barcelona in a few days. While here, we'll hang out with RM Guera, the incredible artist on he and my husband's book, Scalped. I whipped up a couple of custom hearts for Guera's young daughters.

Barbie boot.
Teddy bear.

When Guera and my husband were in NYC a couple years back, Guera was kind enough to bring me some goodies and I wanted to return the favor. Now - off to a three hour Spanish lunch!!!


RM Guéra said...

hello Kelly,
we tried to leave comment on your (other) blog about Aviles, but although I do have GoogleAccount - somehow it just wouldn't appear & stay there (...). So, I'm attaching below what Milena wrote.
Hope you had great trip home & are in keep of good memories of time with us. We surely had it great whith you & Jason.


now Milena:

Hi, Kelly!

Just wanted to thank you and Jason for all the company and experiences in Aviles! It’s been better visiting it with you.
About the hearts, they’re lovely! We’ve already put it in our bedroom walls, they look very pretty there!
Hope you had a good (but sadly short) experience in Barcelona, but you must come back for e Comic Convention next year, and spend all the time you need to visit and explore the city (and hanging out with us ;)).
Keep on making those beautiful and unique mosaics, so we can open a shop in Barcelona and make you famous! (At least I love your creations)

Greetings from Milena (and the Milosevic family)

juan from aviles said...

kelly you really have a very artistic inclined mind. i could have never in a million years been able to put so many different things together and make it look as nice as you have. really brilliant job.