Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Amazing Blogland

Blogland is amazing. The part of Blogland where I live inspires me and surrounds me with others who have like interests. It is a place where we praise each others' accomplishments and lift each other up. It is a place where we are curious about each others' families and goings on and how we wound up doing the things we love. It is a place where people meet who would never in a million years cross paths otherwise. How amazing is that?

Last night, Patsy from HeART Works, who just happens to live in the Philippines, was kind enough to trip across my blog and post about it on hers. I awoke to a bunch of really cool and flattering comments from talented artists also from the Philippines and others as far away as the U.K. SO FUN!!!!!!!!! Above is a wonderful project that Patsy is currently working on, so head on over to her blog to check out the finished piece, coming soon. Thanks again, Patsy, for the shout out and for bringing me together with artists from far and wide.

Another great thing I awoke to today was my friend "Chippy" hanging out in his favorite place on my back patio. Maybe he likes the view?


MosaicMagpie said...

Found you from HeART Works.Glad I did I will be back.

housethings said...

Hey Kelly, I went to Sisters today to add a few things to my space. I saw one of your switch plates there with a madonna/religious statue on it. Love it!!!!!!!! I'm going to buy it ASAP. Keep up the good work.