Friday, August 21, 2009

Sites that Inspire

Do you ever have those retail sites that stop you in your tracks? Styling so amazing, you could spend a good hour scouring through pics, even looking at many of them several times? That's how struck me and thousands of others, I'm sure. (all pics on this post from )

Love the hand just seemingly hapharzardly placed in the shot.

Wish I had one (or two) of each of these.

Look closely and you can see the springs popping out of the bottom of the chair. The scale on this one really gets you thinking . . .

This pic looks like it was taken deep in a cellar with the wooden barrel and cool stone backdrop.

Whose tintypes wouldn't look even cooler in one of these?

I might have trouble convincing my toddler to "look, but don't touch," with these.

This site gets a lot of press in some of my favorite mags and it is worth a (much) closer look.

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